(not so) Recent Eugene, Oregon web site design:

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Electric Violins from dbcv.com

A musician and maker of Electric Violins needed a site to show off his instruments, and get some customers. The simple and monocromatic site lets the photos of the instruments stand out. (also did the photos).

baroque violins

A site for an importer of Baroque cellos, violas and violins. Also did the photography. Very simple (looking) was the goal here. XHTML and CSS

Oregon Area Alcoholics Anonymous

Accessible, usable and quick loading site for statewide Oregon AA organization. Php scripting for meeting lists.


Loewenthal Insurance, for Oregon Health Insurance,

Useablility and friendliness for an Oregon Insurance site

For a Eugene Oregon Insurance agent who wanted to develope a statewide prescence, we skipped the obligatory "Insurance blue" tone, and went for a warm, friendly approach, with direct, easy navigation. Photos on each page help humanize a dry subject, and give some visual interest, while setting off the page introduction. Extensive work was done to place and optimize search engine returns. Business result: percentage of his total business generated online went from 0 to 50% (and growing).

Oregon Health Insurance

A sister site for the above Insurance site, specifically on Oregon Health Insurance. Simple. works well.

Horizon Concepts, a Eugene Bowling Equpment manufacturer

Flash Graphic punch for a Company Selling Bowling Center Graphic products.

Bowling Excitement and bold colors on a black background were the design brief. Project included processing many very high resolution format photos for web output, developed some simple animations to explain the product, and working in a brand new version of flash, with advanced scripting options. Full Flash sites are not common.

Web site for a Eugene, Oregon Mortgage Broker

Calm site for a Eugene Mortgage Broker

Included scripting a mortgage calculator, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet formating, Javascript flyout menus)

A viol makers site

Crafting A Site for A Viola Da Gamba Maker

Photography, and photo work illustrate an instrument makers talents. Straight HTML

Eugene, Oregon Alcoholics Anonymous

Accessability and Availability for Alcoholics Anonymous

Simple but effective. Designed to work on a wide range of browsers.

Constitutional Law Foundation, Eugene, OR

A little visual interest for a lot of text

This is for a Eugene, Oregon based foundation concerned about environmental law and the constitution

TJ Telemarketing

A simple, small business site.

A local firm that provides telemarketing for insurance leads for agents. They call businesses, and are reputable.


Oregon web site design and promotion guide

May 17, 2002

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