Helpful web sites for Oregon webmasters:

Oregon Specific Resources/Directories

EFN (Eugene Free Net) Community page. EFN specific tech info/numbers/locations. - not the biggest portal, but heck, its local

Search Engines:

New and Interesting search engines: WiseNut, Teoma

Google, Fast(alltheweb), Inktomi and Altavista, are the major actual search engines, at the moment. (In order of importance)
(The Inktomi engine is not publicly accessable, it sells results to portals -MSN, etc.)

MSN, AOLsearch, Netscape, iWon, and the web search part of yahoo pull there rankings from a combination of sources (paid links, above search engines, directories)

Directory sites: Yahoo, Looksmart, Open Directory.

Pay per Click: GoTo (now named Overture),

Online Tutorials and Information:

Web Page Design for Designers A classic. lots of good stuff.

WebMonkey Another basic resource, tutorials on everything from basic html to ecommerce database design.

W3Schools Online Shows examples of Javascript, CSS, etc.

Web Developer's Journal

WebReference. com

Discussion Forums:

Were Here Forums Flash developers and designers forum. Essential if you are doing Flash.

This one is so good I hate to mention it. WebmasterWorld can also be helpful.

Usefull Miscelleaney

Http Error Codes - wondering what 404, or 306 or 200 means?

Perl Fans must visit the homepage of Randal Schwartz. It's the least you can do after spending a couple weeks with his book (Learning Perl)

Oregon web site design and promotion guide

May 27, 2002

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