Oregon web site design and promotion guide:

for small business owners and webmasters


There are three basic ingredients for a successful web site:

1.  Content the people will be happy to find. - discussed on Web Content Development.
2.  A useable attractive presentation. Web site organization covers thinking about the structure of your web site. Web technology has pages about HTML, CSS, Perl & CGI,etc. Web Tools covers software and utilities for web design. Site Maintenance is keeping your web site healthy. A Web Page Checklist has details not to forget.
3.  A way to find it. The Search Engines and Site Promotion section deals with visitors to your site, the current search engines, and other ways to promote your web site.

Regional Web Site Considerations:

Where is your audience? If you are in Oregon, for example, how do you reach a regional audience? The solution is a combination of developing content relevant to Oregon, getting listed in regional categories on the major directories, local links, and putting your web address everywhere you can (print advertising, stationary, e-mail, etc.) Mention your web site in conversation (when relevant!). Regional categories are discussed in Web Promotion and on Helpful Web Sites for Oregon Webmasters.

Planning Your Oregon Web Site:

For a state audience, we need to give the page an Oregon reference, emphasize regional connections. For a business doing a nationwide or worldwide business, we need to find terms to compete with the sites with tens of thousands of pages, to find a niche that connects visitor to web site. All of this has to be summarized in the title of the page, and reflected in the text, so it bears careful thought and analysis. Each page on a site stands alone on the web, so supporting pages can contribute, by targeting slightly different terms. On a well done website, most visitors from search engines will come from targeted interior pages, not the home page.

Getting Help:

If you are not a webmaster, don't have lots of time to learn, or are looking for professional results, by all means hire good help. Be wary of enthusiastic youngsters who mention Flash alot. As in most things, low prices usually aren't.

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April 17, 2004

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