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A few pictures and pdfs of a pair of speakers I am building based on a design by Jon Marsh, described here at The crossover design is based on the March 20 version. This speaker is an MTM design using 2 Dayton RS-180 7" mid-woofers and a Seas 27TBFC/G tweeter.

Here is my "separated" labeling of it, and some sketches to try and understand it:

crossover schematic woofer LP sketch tweeter HP sketch tweeter zorbel sketch

and here are pictures of the first (one!) crossover (split into three boards)

woofer LP tweeter HP tweeter zorbel

Here is the Bill of Materials:


My box is a standing/tower design, of 1.7 cu/ft (50 cu/l), with a bottom firing 3" dia. port, tuned to 34-35 hz (6-7" long port). Here is the box design, 2 speakers come out of 1 sheet of MDF (if you are very careful):

Michelle MTM sheet layout fulldize base

and a few (not great photography) in progress pictures:

bracing woofer relief baffel

the front baffel has a 1" radius roundover, the back 3/4 inch.

and the finished speakers:

mtm dayton seas

They are finished with a coat of sanding sealer, a coat of ben moore alkyd primer, and then a color coat of ben moore satin impervo alkyd enamel, with a smooth roller

Everybody that has heard them thinks they sound great :)