Making Apple Cider

This fall we made apple cider. The apples were from a neighbors trees, and would have gone to waste. They got a couple gallons of cider, which they enjoyed.

We got about 2/3 of the apples off the ground, 1/3 off the trees. They had not been sprayed. You don't need supermarket appearance here, bruises and the occasional bug are fine (we cut out "old bruises" and most bugs).

You want lots of apples. Here is what we got (plus couple more 5 gal buckets):


Here is the press we used. It is a Correll Heirloom Medium Plus Cider Gem, owned by my sister. It is a very nice press, not that I have any basis of comparison, but it worked very well, is solidly and nicely built, and well finished.

cider press

Besides apples, you will need 2-3 large clean buckets, a couple extra heavy trashliners for leftover pulp and trimings (or some scheme to compost, feed the chickens, etc.), a funnel, and assorted clean containers for cider.

This is my friend Mike feeding the hopper.

making cider


ground apples

and here is the apple cider (apple juice, not hard cider, that requires futher steps you would need to find elsewhere). It is exceptionally delicious. It is so good, I must warn you that overconsumption can lead to some digestive side effects. We got 11-12 gallons total, it was fun giving it to family and friends.

apple cider

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